Human V/S Greater,More Abstract Needs

I am two people.

There is the human me in me and then there is another me that tells me there are things far greater in this world than mere human needs.

So when my friends pray for a good house,luxurious lifestyle and money, I pray for wisdom and knowledge.

There were great minds in the history of mankind which discovered gravity, astronomy, medicine, electricity, technology and whatever else we are yet to discover in future. I am intrigued at the level of abstract intelligence , capacities, abilities and creativity of these genius minds.

I find that there must have been something that they did differently such that they stood out and became legends in their respective intelligences.

I look at philosophers such as Descartes and Plato and I am amazed at how much a human mind can be capable of such creativity and imagination. These people thought and came up with ideologies, illustrated them using examples from the events in their surroundings and then went forth to claim our attention through generations;they live forever.

I have great respect and admiration for philosophy because it consists of keen observance of the various aspects of life such as politics, economics, religion, law among other aspects. Observance is then followed by conclusions in which the observer after understanding the workings of their object of interest , take note of the lessons they learnt from that experience and then use those lessons to form theories or formulas which people use to make sense of this world!

It is magnificent!

It makes me feel like I would definitely lose out big time if I were to lead a mundane life, to be concerned only about basic human needs and comforts! I mean it is expected of us to need certain things to survive but they should not be all that life is about! I believe there are are bigger things we are capable of achieving that have very little to do with the car your are driving or that dream job you so want to have!

I am so thankful that I realize this.

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