I look at my life, my childhood and my existence and I feel like I wish I was living with my parents, or that I had a family growing up. Basically, there are a few things I tell myself should have happened a certain way to bring about the life I fantasize about and desire. They say if you have not had something, your need for it magnifies a thousand times. However, have you ever considered perhaps, things on the other side are not as you imagine? Maybe had you had what you thought would have miraculously made you happy and changed your life for the best, would actually have made your life much worse or would have not changed anything really?

Let us take for instance, I wish I had my family, I feel that I would have been happier, more positive, encouraged and supported. However, I do not have any experience living with a family so my imagination gives me a picture-perfect scenario in my mind where half the things I imagine people living with their parents have or feel are probably not true.

Someone else is probably wishing they had a more independent, free and private life like mine. They may also imagine my life to be a certain way that is not necessarily true!

I came to a realization today that acceptance is the answer to a more peaceful, calm transition through the journeys and stages in our lives.

I think the reason why we question our pasts and compare our lives with others’ is because we want to feel in control. We are so empowered these days through I guess the magnificent impossibles we have made possible as human beings through technology and science( we are thinking of moving to Mars, guys- I am so proud of us as human beings!) that we feel we must always be in control of our lives including, choosing our own existence and our parents and the families we come from! Haha! I could not help but laugh right now, well because what I say is true. People feel secure when they can choose what happens to them. Perhaps some people are thinking about having a one-on-one with God right about now just to request the power of attorneys to their own lives;” God, can you please hand over the remote control of my life so I can as well choose how I get to live it. My life, my rules, God!” Haha! Crazy huh? I thought so too.

Anyways, I wonder how peaceful our sleep would be if we stopped challenging everything that happened, has happened or will happen in our lives. Nobody would suffer from insomnia. No one would worry about a thing! If we would just stop struggling, and instead believe in accepting whatever it is that is beyond our control.

I strongly feel that control is an illusion. Think about it. There was no time we, as a species were ever in control! We never got to decide how we would look like as human beings, we did not sketch our bodies’ grand design, we did not choose to live on this particular planet- we kind of just found ourselves here, we basically got designed, launched and given enough resources-mainly brains and intelligence- to be able to survive, develop, advance, and adapt to our environment! Ah, and there is one very incredibly fun fact I forgot to mention, we also do not get to decide how we skidush out of this world or commonly referred to as “die”. It could be an axe, an accident, system failure(natural death I mean), peanuts, water, carbon monoxide,stilletos or a ghost movie. We do not get to choose, of course unless it is suicide- but I would think that death was scary and someone would rather not.

So in conclusion, it is easier to go through life with an attitude of acceptance; to accept whatever life throws at you which you could never ever be able to control or change.

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