Repunzeinab And The Lonely Tower of Spooky Nights

No, I did not get kidnapped by a witch from my crib. And while I would like to consider my hair beautiful and long, I do not use it as a rope so my prince charming can climb up to me. I am simply your average girl trying to make sense of her world, like you and basically everyone else!

When I have nowhere to be ,I start my day by extending my sleep by three or four more hours(what can I say?I am not a morning person),wake up and switch on my tv to see if there are any interesting ,must-watch movies on mbc 2 or series on Fox after which I get up to make my bed, take a shower and get dressed!


I go out to buy some food, if there was any delivery service available here I would probably never have to leave the house at all! I eat while watching tv. I get up to take my plate to the kitchen and then I am back infront of my tv screen.


I love not to have to do chores! I mean who does not? It is great when you can afford to pay someone to do the dishes for you but when you cannot, best case is to play very loud music on your bluetooth speaker and roll up your sleeves and basically handle those dishes like Spartacus does his opponents in the fighting ring. Swish swish swash and done! Clean house!


Argh! It is so awful to live without running water 24/7. But when you live in Lamu,Langoni, you automatically sign a warrant for living the desert-style-one-sip-a-swallow kind of lifestyle, where buckets,just like you, compete for living space.Thank God to whoever built this house that we have a water reservoir downstairs! You just need to get a bucket, go down and just like in a well, fetch water from the birika and pour it into your bucket after which you carry it up the stairs and pour into more bucket cousins of the bucket you just carried; so it is like a family of buckets; let us say the bucket you carried the water in is called Susie, and Susie takes the water to her cousins upstairs Isabella, Stella, Santa, Margarita,Sinòrita and Calleta! It is fun for everyone! See?

I live alone! No, I am not an orphan; I have perfectly live parents! ” How do you sleep at night?” It is spooky! Kind of like, the haunted house with the sewer well on IT where the ugly, cannibal,ghost clown dwells! Yap, that one!

I scare myself to insomnia and tachycardia! A slight whisper of wind here, or a curtain flying about and around, or the movement of my bed creek creek in the dead of the night is enough to give me a heart attack in my bed!

I am scared! But again, never have I felt more peaceful to be by myself- during daytime, that is. It is kind of like those bittersweet moments Shakespeare was talking about.

Aunty Party!

When four O’clock strikes, I switch off the tv and go to my aunts. I talk and socialise and then get back home. I switch on the tv and watch something captivating enough to make me forget my lonely, scary surroundings.I try my best to not see the curtain that moves as wind blows on it. I try to keep my eyes open long enough because closing them would mean that scary clown from IT with jaws for teeth would come from the air and get me, or that deformed,monstrous, horrifying “thing” from Lights Out is lurking somewhere in the dark, unused rooms in the house ready to pounce on me the moment I shut my eyes! Did you know that sound is magnified by the silence of the night? I hear and feel every donkey-walk, cat-fight, cat-sneeze and basically any movement outside the house!

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