When Enough Is Enough

A good friend once told me that stress is not good it will make me sick. What happens when all you ever knew and have been living in is stress? You would think one could learn to adjust to stress when they are exposed to it forever, but that is not the case!

Stress makes you an angry person! It changes and transforms your beautiful, cheerful smile into an ugly,frowning face!

Stress makes you lose your sense of life in that it makes you lose focus on the things that truly matter and instead all you can ever think about is when the stress will stop. I have never given much thought to how I will die, but stress will definitely be the cause of it!

I never thought even once that I would live the kind of life circumstance and fate put in my way! I never thought even once that a beautiful, cheerful,well-meaning girl like me could be fated to live a life of relentless difficulty because I am living with a mentally troubled family that has an exhilarating way of creating and finding trouble for themselves and those around them.

They say there is no illness more dire than that of the mind. Because the mind is central to a human being’s thoughts and behavior, if affected the entire person becomes affected too.

It is hard to imagine that in Coastal Kenya at the moment, there are people living with mental illnesses of all kinds from bipolar disorders to Schezophrenia to Obsessive Compulsive disorders. It is even harder for those people who have to deal with and live with members of their families suffering from mental illness wheb they have no idea how to handle the difficult behavior and continous outbursts. It is as if you are a hobbit from the Shire who has to wear an armour for the first time ever and fight a battle against the Orcs for the survival of the world!

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