I Was And Then I Was Not

If people realized just how temporary they are in this life, they would not do half the things they do!

People misunderstand life. I guess that is warranted in the sense that human beings somewhat “found” their existence already pre-existing with every human being born, not being the first ever to be or the last. Besides that, human beings found so many things already established and on-going such as religion and belief in God or sheer disbelief in all things existential that no one person was given a chance to find themselves! So it is not surprising that human beings do not know what they are really doing a hundred percent of the time!

Three times a day I imagine what it would be like to die. The realization that I will cease to be one day makes every petty work day, school day, breakfast, dinner date and all other mundane,humanly things seem so frail and oh so human! To think that all that we hold dear in life is in whole just a procedural, natural, expected occurrence in a human being’s ordinary lifespan, that our desire for a good life, is supposed to be there for us to forget the harsh reality that life indeed is fleeting and nobody owns it!; we do not know when or how we will die. We live and invest in a good life( the paradigm of a good life- something every human strives for in their lifetime- to have a better tomorrow), while we take a big gamble because we are alive yes, but not sure for how long and whether or not our desires will materialize before we kick the bucket! Anyone with a tiny bit of business sense would advise strictly against such an investment! It is a bad investment when you are discussing whetherors and whatifs in any investment deal! How do you invest in something or rather someone that will likely yield or not yield the desired result? How do you invest in a life you do not control? How do you invest in yourself when you will cease to be in an unknown time and manner? Whoa! I am being overwhelmed by my own words!

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