Life Would Be Simpler If Everyone Was Honest

You do not like bread but would rather eat mofa, say it!

You think you will be too busy to remember to mawn your neighbour’s lawn, do not accept to mawn it in the first place!

You know that you are richly broke you cannot afford to pay your maid and eat at the same time, let your maid go!

Why is it that people complicate life and later complain how life is this or how inconsiderate other people are being,when you can simply say no to something earlier on and save yourself and others so much whining and complaining!

Dear whiners you just do not know it, but people can actually get tired of hearing you complain over and over again when you had several chances to avoid an uncomfortable situation but did not try to avoid it or say no!

If you think you are not in a position to accept responsibility, just do not acquisce and later bunter about how difficult this or that is and how you would still accept to do it all over again because you do not have the nerve to speak in favour of yourself!

This reminds me of that moment when muslims complicate Islam by innovating rather creatively all those petty things that have suddenly become haram instead of focusing on how haram it really is for Saudi Arabia to disregard the sanctity of AlQuds or for it to boycott Qatar or for it to be friendly to Israel!

Let us be real guys!

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