He Loves Me, but He is Broken Like Me

They say if you are a broken or damaged soul, your best chance lies in finding someone who is WHOLE or atleast, less broken than you. This way he or she can offer their hand to you and be your aid in case you cannot go on.

When two people marry, they merge and become one person. How then can two broken souls become one whole when both of them are not even real halves in the first place? When he has issues with one of his parents and I with one of mine, how then can we build a family for our future children? How then can we guarantee that our emotional baggage will not be carried into our marriage and trickle down to our potential prenthood such that our kids will become like us, with daddy and mummy issues? We share in our past, in our darkest of days, how then can we enjoy the sun together as one when we are both unfamiliar with the light?

My mind incessantly tells me he is the one! Every nerve of my intuition screams at me that he just may be that other half of my complete being! But what can I say? I feel scared to merge with someone who is shattered and is still picking up the pieces, just when I am gluing back mine in hopes to a better, happier, past-free life with someone who will be my savior- who will have no turmoil wrecking havoc in his mind or heart and who will gallop towards me, a damsel in distress, and whose arm I will so tightly grab as I climb up behind him heading for paradise!

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