When I Cry

I am officially a crybaby!

I am watching twilight and when Edward tries to off himself by revealing his true identity to humans, I cry. I cry when the chef mouse in Ratatouille falls into the sewer. I cry when the mouse in little stuart gets stuck in the washing machine because oh my God he is just too tiny and helpless soooo saaaaaddddd!

Cry babies have a special place in heaven- as chairpersons of the

Heavenly Empathy Club!

They say I am way too sensitive; that I take things personally! Just how am I supposed to take things when someone comments about my weight in public or says I look like the eldest when I am seated next to my super skinny elder sister? Would a smile and a nod be appropriate? Pleaseeee!

Anywho, I always stay true to my feelings! I am honest about being sad and I let myself feel it with a tear waterfall or two!

What can I say? I do not like to lie to myself! Haha!

4 thoughts on “When I Cry

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  1. I understand the culture and tenders of saying things without keeping in mind the feelings..Keep on trusting yourself…it is always nice to create the kind of self that you will always be happy to live with all your life… We should try to make the most of ourselves by blowing the tiny… inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement..rather than concentrating on what others think of you.. Be proud of yourself… Try to eat well…and when you cheat some days..enjoy it..!! 🙂


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