A Dose of Logic A Day Keeps Boyfriends Away

Be foolishly in love because love is all there is


I have been in search for love like Sinbad the sailor was in search for adventure! I am in love with the idea of love! However, with all the hard work that comes with dating and relationships, love has become less fun and more like that job you really do not want but must keep to pay your bills even though you have to ingest a daily dose of anti-depressants just so you can survive 9 to 5 every day!

I have no idea what love is anymore! Is it that feeling you get in your stomach when your eyes meet the fruit vendor’s across the street? Or maybe, when your heart drops to the floor the moment a certain person’s name is mentioned out loud? Or is love simply the result of marrying someone and showing them how committed you are to them? What the hell is love?

I feel lost many times. Infact, I confuse love with infatuation and infatuation with love. Moments like these, I find myself overly obsessed with someone only to change my mind soon after and ditch them. In the beginning of course, it is love to me, the kind of love Princess Fiona had for Shrek, Or that time King Arthur married a maid servant and turned her into a queen for love! Then a few days later, this love I feel transposes to that moment when Trump announces that he is moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and you are a Plestinian muslim! Things don’t go well at all!

I think people crave for love because they want to be fulfilled. The idea is to be completed by that other person. However, for me, love is like food! I need to feel satisfied to be happy! When I am hungry and food is not available, I get crunky! Correspondingly, just like I get loud when I am famished and I need food, I do the same when I am rattleboned for some love!

So I have been disappointed in my choice of food or foods and I am left undernourished always! Either the guy is emotionally unavailable, is not into texting, or is not enthusiastic about our plans, I always somehow end up thin!

Therefore, I decided that it is about time to find an alternative to love. Something to keep me fulfilled and full without all that hard work! I found it! Logic. A daily dose of analytical thinking and theories.

I think I am going to be pretty full for the next two or three lifetimes! Goodbye Shakespeare, welcome Epicurus!

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