Babies Come with Their Phones

( Woman in labour screaming her lungs out)

Doctor: ” Looks like  the baby’s phone got twisted with the umblical cord!”

Babies are born with their phones! Or atleast own a tablet or two inside mommy or perhaps the latest PS!


The toy stores are out of business( I closed mine down the moment my little sister started crawling towards my phone and dancing to the songs inside it haha). Babies want, nay, DEMAND their own phones, tablets or computers and they do not necessarily ask nicely!

My class two little brother owns his own tablet! I remember being given my first Samsung Galaxy Pocket when I graduated highschool! In fact, I would have been more glad had dad put off introducing me to “Zombie Town of Incessant Non-stop Texting” for another year or two!

I am scared I will need to ban even the tv for my future kids just so they do not become “tiny entitled technologized “adults”” who wake up and sleep with tv, phones, games and more games!

I mean when do these kids study?Where do they get time to play with their friends children games from my days as a child like hide and seek or play fetch or skip rope? I had fun pretend cooking with my buddies! How about that time when I owned my most precious pretend cooking set with tiny karai, mwiko wa tundu tundu, jiko and chuma cha chapati?

Happy childhood or tech savvy childhood? Which one will you choose for your kids?


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