Writer’s Block

“I write only when I am inspired!” I said, “what is your inspiration?” A fellow blogger and a friend asked, ” experience!” I asserted. Experience has always taught me valuable lessons which inspire me to share with the rest of the world!

I discovered my passion in writing when I found out that I expressed myself best when I put it down on paper or screen. I was overly shy and an introvert back in the day and I could not communicate my thoughts to others and I would always find it so easy to just write my feelings. Infact, I felt much better and less obsessed about my emotions at that particular time once I had expressed myself through writing. I would keep a personal journal or diary in which I would write my frustrations, my inhibitions, insecurities, nightmares, nostalgic moments, and anything that was in my mind and taking up my head space!

Writing became my voice.

However, what I did not foresee coming at me was writer’s block. The first time I heard about it was in Primary school in an english class and my teacher defined it as the most frustrating moment when a writer’s mind goes blank! That moment when inspiration flies out the window and you cannot think of anything to write! A writer’s worst nightmare; who knew even inspiration had dry spells?

I thought this only happened to some people until it happened to me and I was so annoyed by it that I dreaded writer’s block every time it happened. Therefore, I found it best to write as soon as I am inspired to. Inspiration or an idea could hit me when I am in the toilet doing my business, or on the streets running an errand,or in the kitchen cooking something, and I make a point to always immediately start writing as soon as I get inspired to. I remember this one time I was supposed to meet up with someone so he could take me to a social event I was dying to attend. I got up early that day and even cooked lunch for my family by 8 in the morning since I was not going to be around during lunch time, and just when I was about to get dressed I got inspired to write and one minute later I found myself immersed in my piece,my next blogpost, that I did not notice all the missed calls as the guy I was supposed to meet was trying to reach me. I looked at the time and I was delayed by an hour! The guy was pissed off but hey, atleast I got to write down an incredibly captivating blog post!

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