Predestination? Mmmh, Maybe, Maybe Not!

“Do not worry about a thing, God has it all planned out for you!” or, “Had God wanted you would have gotten that job. Maybe it is good that you did not get it, you never know, God may have known it was not good for you!” I was told these words one way or another,every time with more conviction and confidence that my brain was conditioned to believe that God had chosen a certain life for me ever since the beginning of time and I, no matter what I was going to do with my life, was never going to stray from the Chosen Path.

“Marriages are planned in heaven. You can date Ahmed and Ali but just know that someone you never expected or foresaw marrying you, will be your husband, as long as God meant for him to be the one to marry you.”

It is hard or some may argue, downright impossible( as impossible as trying to scratch that itchy point on your back that your hands will never reach in all your lifetimes,with your fingers!) to predict what God or the Universe already chose for you, and to some it may be exasperatingly and furiously unreasonable and unfair that they should have no say in what happens in their lives, that they have no control because divine will claimed the reins of their lives long before they even existed!

The Law of Predestination is potentially controversial and highly dependent on religiousity! It does not exist without religious principles of the existence of God who has power over all creation and therefore, can impose a lifestyle on people. So, if someone is a thief, were they meant to be so? Where do you draw the line between our personal will and ability to make concious choices and predestination? Why would God create people and give them no freedom to choose for themselves the kind of life they would like to lead?Why would there be Divine Judgment if God had already judged by planning the kind of life so and so gets to live that another does not? Is not that judgment in itself? Would not God be ultimately judging his own judgment during Judgment Day?

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