The Conundrum of Modern Day Dating

A long time ago, our great grandparents never met each other until the wedding day. Love came after marriage if you were lucky enough to find it or if you were born on a freakishly bad day, there was no hope for you and you were forever stuck with a stranger-turned-life partner whom you never really chose for yourself in the first place! However, the silver lining remained to this day, to be the down-to-earth simplicity in relationships that is never found in modern day dating experiences.

A hundred years later and the world of dating and relationships evolved not necessarily benefiting us but seriously complicating our lives in such a way that the entire world suffered from commitment phobia!

Today, dating and relationships is so flawed because all of the intricacies of courtship such as who approaches whom first? , when do you initiate contact? and how to sustain mutual attractions are all mixed up in a hullaballoo of mambo jambos as if someone overturned the Universal Table of Relationship Laws on which such rules were neatly arranged and placed in order and everything went helter skelter strewn all over the floor; As if someone mischieviously and purposefully burnt the Holy Guide of Relationships so that people, men and women alike, were left lost and confused like forgotten puppies at Tesco or Walmart and they are all barking and running about looking so cute and just so pitiful both at the same time!

I find myself to be a victim of a confused and rather uneffective dating left-over system that left me wondering whether or not I really ever want to fall and stay in love!

I am either an alien living in my own planet or the dating world totally alienated me such that I no longer understand the things that some guys I liked did and the trend that has been ongoing with guys so far. For example, I find this guy I totally like and he likes me too we exchange numbers and then he does not text you first. You wait and wait and clearly you see him stalking you and checking out your statuses on social media but he does not squeak! Then when you decide to make first contact, he responds and then plays hard to get and later ghosts you and does not say anything. So you are left wondering what is going on? Did I say something wrong? Is he busy or is he plain ignoring my texts? I wish there was a map or a rule book that said something like, ” If you do not receive response to your texts from your lover for 10 hours, then it means that he no longer wants to be with you.” It is just so confusing these days! Emotional mind games and who-will-text-soonest games are just not worth my time and make me so furious and eventually make me lose interest in that person and move on!  I wish guys would evolve to become confident,more assertive and starightforward and just communicate how they feel and tell you directly whether they like you and want to get to know you! Either the planet ran out of mature guys who know what they want or guys evolved into sissies, either way , I find myself continously disappointed by timid,unsure guys who do not communicate their feelings; It is as if I am a huge magnet that attracts only shy guys who never speak their mind!

Where are mature, confident men? Because I do not think I could fare well with anyone less than!

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