Heavenly, Cholesterol-free Breakfast

So I am on day three of my weight loss diet and I am just so happy I made it this far without binge-eating carbohydrates!

So I have been overweight for quite sometime now but my self- image was spot on! So I always felt like a size two! Haha! Therefore, while everyone, including my dad and sister, kept on warning me about my weight, I did not fret because to me I was just fine! ” Stop bothering me you all!” I would say! Infact, when my sister would not stop nagging me about my weight, I would even get angry! However, I have got a new inspiration all of a sudden to lose some weight! There are several reasons why I got inspired for the FIRST TIME to go on a weight loss diet, but I will only mention two:

1. I want to look sexier in a lingerie.

2. I want that guy I am crushing on to get an all-package girl; beauty, brains and body! No way he is ever going to fail to notice just how great of a catch I really am to him! I am a perfectionist, what can I say? Haha.

I cannot say the journey so far has been easy! There were times when I got tempted to EAT! Meals in a Swahili setting are downright enemies of weight loss! wali wa nazi, samaki wa kukaanga, viazi karai, chai ya maziwa,kuku wa kukaanga, rice, rice, and more rice!!! But I have been strong! So far , so good! Kudos to myself!(patting myself on the back). So my breakfast is custom-made! While everyone is eating “my weight loss enemies”, I am eating oatmeal and hibiscus tea! Yey! ( trust me it tastes like medicine! Yikes!)

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