Unhealthy Relationship Habits

They say if you love someone let them go if they love you enough they will come back. I do not understand the relevance of this saying. It does not make sense to love someone and be able to leave them at the same time. The direct interpretation of this saying, is ironical at best!

However, I believe this saying has a deeper meaning to it. Its relevance comes to light when you talk about unrequited love. In the case that someone has fallen in love with another who does not share or return the feelings, it is possible to suggest letting them go and if they should later realize they love you too, then they will naturally come back to you.

Another example in which this saying could apply would be in obsessive relationships. It is always the case when you first love someone and they are only what you can think about! You think about them every time you wake up, go to sleep, eat, walk, shower and breath. Sometimes they are all you talk about as well! Your family or friends are probably tired of your banter as you go on and on about your love interest. It becomes serious when you start to unconciously mention their name out of the blue without really meaning to! What is worse is losing touch with reality and isolating yourself in a love bubble where you start ignoring your friends and cancelling girls’ or boys’ night out!

I have found myself in an obsessive love trap many times and I feel like it is best to dial down the excitement especially when the realationship is new and you guys are heated up about getting to know each other and manifesting your feelings for one another. It normally does not end wellbfor me when I am the one giving too much attention. I therefore, came up with a brilliant idea to break this obsessive chain in my realtionships and that is to KEEP BUSY. And if you have nothing to do ACT BUSY. I am trying to experiment with my idea and I will let you readers know if it works or not(fingers crossed!).

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