The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

So last Thursday I was at the library reading “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” My favorite part in the book is ” Paradigm shift” which means there are many ways of seeing the same thing; that changing your paradigm is like taking off a pair of sunglasses. Once you change your paradigm towards something , you see it in a totally different light. However, this time I read something quite interesting. The writer of this book mentioned Frankl. He was a psychic determinist. Apparently he held this view that people are conditioned when they were children, therefore, whatever experiences a child had shaped them to become this person who cannot change forever. He argued that the behaviors of adults are static and unchanging. However, the writer of the Seven Habits disputes this theory and claims that psychic determinism theory may work on animals, because they can be trained to behave a certain way and because they have no conscience,or ability to choose how they respond to stimulus, their behavior is therefore, unchanging and is infinitely dependant on the way they were trained before. However, human beings on the other hand have the ability to choose! And that is what, the writer argues, disproves the application of Frankl’s theory on us humans. Therefore, a person cannot blame the upbringing they received in their childhood as the cause of them having a certain weakness or unpleasant behavior. He concluded that humans have the ability to choose how they respond to  stimulus. So for example, if you think your harsh temperament was because you were brought up in a hostile environment, by harsh parents, think again, because you have the ability to choose how you respond to stimulus that triggers your hostile behavior and hence you can change this behavior.

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