Chinese Dramas

I remember my first Korean drama ” Boys over flowers” and from the first episode I thought, “oh God! there goes the crying and damsel-in-distress acting!” However, Once I was deep into the drama my opinion  on kdramas changed! I was on a downward spiral into Korea Town. I started binge watching kdramas like cocoo! From “goong(princess hours) to the latest ” Legend of the Blue Sea” , I just could not get enough of them!

My introduction to chinese dramas on the other hand started with this drama called ” Love me if you dare”. I fell in love with the  lead actor in that drama. He was mean, super intelligent and just so hooot! Anyways I then looked out for chinese dramas whenever I was in the mood for watching entertainment! ” The King’s woman” was my second favorite periodical( traditional) chinese drama after “Scarlet Heart”. I am currently watching “General and I” as well as ” Oh my General”.

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