The School of Life

People go to school to study economics or astrophysics but no one studies in the “school of life”. Life has so much to teach us yet we do not invest money or time to learn anything from it.

Experience is the best teacher they say. You have to live to see(learn) they say as well. Therefore, people live to learn and as life teaches them for instance, values such as humanity, integrity or tolerance, they mostly learn these values through making mistakes first; through what I may term as ” the class of trial and error”. This class is the least favorite of classes in the school of life. Why? you may ask, well , the reason is simple: no one wants to make a mistake; or rather, nobody is willing to acknowledge they have made a mistake. It is rather humiliating and even degrading sometimes to have to apologize or say sorry to someone you have wronged or treated unfairly. It is difficult to recognize that you as a person are not so perfect. The self-ego just won’t allow it!

However, no lesson is better learned, appreciated or remembered than one which is learned through pain, humiliation, suffering or sacrifice.


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