Little Words of Wisdom

I learn quite a few things in my life:

  1. To always appreciate the little things someone does for you.
  2. To never lose sight of the big picture.
  3. To always acknowledge if you have hurt someone and then apologize sincerely.
  4. To love yourself most of all.
  5. To accept and be happy with yourself, the good and the bad.
  6. To think happy thoughts, because well, thoughts can become real.I read this book called , “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, and in it she was discussing how she discovered that thoughts have life. That when a person thinks positive thoughts, they live a positive life. She explained that this was possible through the universal “Law of Attraction” wherein she averred that happy thoughts have the power to attract happy events in one’s life. Interesting right? I  thought so too!click here to follow my Facebook Page

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