• I didn’t Pay for My Sleep This Week
    It is 4 in the morning and I tried very hard to get… Continue Reading →
  • Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey
    Many times in my life I find myself thinking that we must be… Continue Reading →
  • My Journey Towards Compassion: For others and myself
    When I was a kid I thought God was in the sky. He had to be far away and in order for him to hear us we must pray. Now that I am a woman in my own right, I realize that God is in all of us. That is why he knows so much and he is everywhere, because wherever we would be he would also be there. This idea that God is in all of us means that we cannot separate ourselves from others even if we could, it would serve us better if we stayed together. It is also why I thinl we suffer so much today because we are forgetting this and trying so hard to ignore the suffering of others as we focus on our own needs and wants above everyone else’s. That is also why we must suffer because that is the only way we can shed this selfish attitude and start living a more collectively-conscious and compassionate life.
  • Energy Healing
    No it is not magic! You can heal yourself and others too! You are just gonna need a set of hands and oceanfuls of intention.
  • I Followed My Intuition and it led me to…
    Most people don’t listen to their intuition. What is intuition you ask? Well, it is a whisper, or in my case a sudden light bulb moment where I feel an intense desire to do something or go somewhere. For a long time I have been unhappy because I couldn’t hear this whisper or feel that amazing feeling. However, that was all about to change in a single second on an interesting flight.

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