• You Are Not What You Think by David Richo
    This is not an ordinary review, trust me. It is an eye-opening experience for myself and anyone out there who wishes to live life awakened and consciously self-aware.
  • The Caretaker Soul Contract
    Have you ever noticed how you can’t seem to put your needs first? How you feel pushed from within you to overextend in order to help others even if it means your needs will come last? Is being called “selfish” your worst insult? If your answer to these questions is yes, you have more likely signed a soul contract of self- sacrifice and caretaking with others.
  • Make A Wish
    Wishes take time to manifest, so make a wish now ahead of time…. Continue Reading →
  • Love Your enemies with Caution
    I tell myself everyday that I couldn’t make everyone love me. Most especially… Continue Reading →
  • Shards of Glass
    Where my heart used to be lay scattered shards of glass. They sting… Continue Reading →

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